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The Bergamasco Sheepdog, an ancient northern Italian breed introduced to the U.S. a little over twenty years ago, impressed me with its calm, stable temperament, its rugged good health and its uniquely beautiful, non-shedding coat. Loyal, intelligent and agile, these wonderful dogs won my heart, inspired a life-long passion, and led me to establish Herdabout Bergamasco Sheepdogs.   Herdabout  is committed to preserving and carrying forward this versatile sheepdog through careful, selective breeding, developing its working instincts, and maintaining its noble character.  As an AKC Breeder of Merit, I compete with my dogs at the highest level in conformation events, with  top-ranking Multi-Champions, Grand Champions (and beyond) in AKC, ARBA, UKC, NAKC/Rarities, NCA and IABCA, winning multiple Best in Shows and prestigious titles from 2002 to the present.  I also train my dogs in herding, agility, and therapy work (Delta Society Pet Therapy Partners Program).  In addition, many of my dogs have earned their Canine Good Citizenship titles.  My foundation dogs have been featured in local and national media  over the course of the two decades I have been passionate with this marvelous breed, including ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC-CT News, and the honor of representing the Bergamasco  in the Herding Group at the National Dog Show, nationally broadcast  on Thanksgiving Day, 2016.   A wonderful, heartwarming feature article about Fidelio is currently posted on the website, by Ranny Green.  I welcome you to contact me for information about the Bergamasco and for details on my home-raised puppies.

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