NAKC MS CH (Very 1st), Rarities SP GR CH,
IABCA UCICB CH (and 1st Berg.
AC/Veteran Class CH), BIS
Gasparo dell' Albera SP, CGC, Delta
Pet Therapy Partner, Rarities/NAKC
2006 Top Owner-Handler Dog in North America, UKC 2004,
2005, 2006, 2007 & 2009
#1 Top Ten Dog,
2010 Bergamasco Specialty Winner-Veteran Class,
CPE Agility CL1, 2 & 3

Birth:  9/23/02
Fauno dell' Albera Silver Blackfoot  x   Galassia dell' Albera

When I discovered that a litter was planned between my favorite U.S. male, Fauno--big, beautiful and dark-grey, with my favorite female--the gorgeous, shy and strikingly solid-black Gala, I knew it was time for my 'family'  to grow. Gasparo arrived, and he grew up in the snowy Connecticut winter.  So intelligent and gentle, yet so courageous and, above all, the most loyal dog I have ever known--he continues to astound me in every way.  He shepherds me and the other dogs, escorting me into and out of the house and the car.  His 'good morning' is a gentle poke with his nose--to lovingly check in with his human.  He's learned to scratch his back underneath my grand piano.  He is at once majestic and fun-loving in nature, sensitive and responsive.  I am always greeted with eruptions of joyous hellos from Gasparo, my 'Sparo'.  He is a wonderful, wonderful dog, an amazing being.  In everything we do together, in ways both large and small, he continues to inspire me.


Gasparo's Puppy Photos

  • Gasparo is featured on the cover and the inside article of DogWorld Magazine's October 2008 issue.  He's performing his spectacular Weave Poles obstacle in a CPE Agility Trial.   Photo by Matt Allison.
  • NAKC's Very First Master Supreme Champion (1st among all breeds in North America!--earned 3/08)
  • Rarities' #1 Owner-Handled Top Ten Dog for 2006--the #2 Top Ten Dog among all dogs in NAKC/Rarities--a Bergamasco 1st-and-only attainment in history.
  • Currently at 16 Best In Shows, 14 Reserve BIS--Most winning Bergamasco in U.S. history. 
  • First Bergamasco to earn Rarities' Supreme Grand Champion title.
  • Rarities' Top Dog Award for the huge Labor Day '06 Rarities NJ weekend Conformation Shows--1st time a Bergamasco has swept this award!
  • Gasparo repeats with NAKC/Rarities' Top Dog Award at the Rhode Island Classic Conformation Shows in March, '08--his 2nd time in this spotlight, and he remains the only Bergamasco to win this award.     
  • 4X Rarities Jr. Puppy BIS-- N.J.-May '03 and CT-July '03.
  • Rarities BIS (at 9 months old!)--CT-July '03.
  • Wins 1st-ever UKC Bergamasco Best In Shows-one in 2006, two in 2007.
  • Places Herding Group Two in UKC's prestigious Premier Show in Michigan on Sunday, June 17, 2007--2,000 dogs entered each day--1st time Bergamascos are represented at Premier!
  • UKC Championship earned start to finish in one weekend (at 8 months old!)--CT-June '03
  • Earned UKC's 2nd Grand Championship and ARBA's 3rd Master Champion awards--more record-setting Bergamasco accomplishments!
  • The 1st Bergamasco to earn the Delta Pet Therapy Partner Therapy Dog certification.
  • 2nd Bergamasco working towards an Agility title in the U.S.   
  • The 3rd 'Canine Good Citizen' title awarded in the U.S.
  • Chosen to Appear on Television's Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer in March, 2005--he is a born Star!
  • Movie Dog Training Class certification in Fall of '06.
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