Through the years and with much experimentation in varities of healthy foods, we have found that our adult dogs thrive on a combination of top-quality kibble (dry) mixed with raw and-or canned (moist) food.  We feed our Bergamascos two times daily, but with a much smaller portion in the a.m. feeding.  We find that this combination diet is easy to maintain and allows for flexibility when traveling or visiting.  Puppies 3-6 months old (fed three times daily) will have been introduced to these foods as well, and can then VERY GRADUALLY transition into a similar healthy, all-natural food plan that works well for both the puppy and their caretakers.  Here are some of our suggestions below:

Nature's Variety kibble, freeze-dried, and raw diet.  All varieties, all excellent--small size kibble, and handy medallion portions of both freeze-dried and raw food. (great for travel!)

Timber Wolf Organics kibble.  An excellent, excellent product, all varieties. 

Solid Gold Milennium kibble.  All-natural, good for most allergies, and dogs thrive on this food.

Solid Gold Wolf Cub kibble.  To be used only during the first 6-7 months of puppyhood, then transitioned toward any of the above adult foods.

Wellness and Neura brand canned meats (95% beef, lamb, salmon, venison)--great to use as a mix-in; convenient.  (Stay away from Neura chicken, as we've had a few safety concerns with this flavor--weird black spots on insides of some cans).

Merrick canned Puppy Plate (for 3-7 month-old puppies), or any of the Merrick varieties of canned foods--highly digestible and nutritious.

Red Barn, etc. Meat Rolls--like a premium beef jerky for dogs--even picky eaters like this--use as a mix-in, or as treats or bait.

Raw Foods--the brand names will vary due to the fresh, regional nature of these products and availability can be somewhat of an issue depending on your locale.  We highly recommend the Nature's Variety and Bravo brands, but any good-quality frozen or fresh product--lamb, chicken, turkey, etc. (we are not fans of pork or beef in this form)--either mixed with veggies and-or ground bone, ie. what is found in other brands and distributors, will also work well.  A slow transition is needed if you choose to feed primarily a raw food diet.  We have great success mixing raw food in almost equal proportions with kibble.

Green Lamb Tripe or Venison Tripe canned dog food.  Yow, this food is on the strange side, but do check out the websites for full descriptions of benefits, testimonials and places which carry this great product.  If your dog is finicky, his or her appetite may well be tempted by mixing in a portion of this food.  Great digestive benefits, too.  Also, we highly recommend the frozen canisters of Tripe which are available through Bravo--Yum! 


The full line of K9 (Animal Naturals, LLC) supplements and products.  They use only pure, fresh, human-grade ingredients--natural products to help solve just about any problem--wonderful, wonderful supplements, to be mixed with food.  Distributed by Pet Performance Products.

Dr. Kruger's Ultimate Supplement--Original or any other formula.  This contains enzymes, cultures and antioxidants for proper food digestion;  helps prevent gas, smelly stools, diarrhea, even bloat!   We feed half the recommended amouth of this powdered supplement, sprinkled atop food, with really great results.

Salmon Oil--for a healthy coat, contains essential fatty acids--all natural and very tasty to dogs--we give this two times weekly.


Wagatha's Biscuits--VT-made organic treats--all varities--especially appealing are the wheat-free biscuits.  They come in 9-oz. resealable tall tins--and they even have an Italian herb flavored variety, for your Italian dog!

Howlin' Gourmet--human-quality pet biscuits, Peanutty & Honey or Pot Roast flavors.

Charlee Bear Biscuits--especially the liver biscuits--small size-even picky eaters love these.

3C Baking Co.--Paw-Mesan Tomato (WOW) and other varities of thin biscuits.  Fantastic and all-natural.  Order directly from them;  nice people and website!

Bark Bars Biscuits, other products from, and any other all-natural treats that you may find available in your area.

Any of the deydrated beef, chicken or lamb liver, lung, etc. treats, either as bite-size or as tiny nibble size, for training treats or rewards--a little goes a long way, so be careful not to overdue it with your 'good dog'!

Booda Bimples, Nyla-Bones, etc.  Chew-Bones.  These are excellent products--too many good ones to list individually, but they can be found practically anywhere pet products are sold and distributed.  Great for young and old dogs alike.

Pig, lamb or cow Ears, Choo-Hooves and Beef Bones--for supervised hard chewing--again, excellent in moderation, we've found. 

Kong products Chew Toys--especially for teething times, also for relieving boredom and for any chewing or stress-based behavioral issues.

Balls, Rope and Soft Toys, Laser Lights--all are great for developing coordination and muscle strength and for burning off that puppy 'crazy energy'.  Puppies and even some adults love to chase this laser light around--very hilarous to watch.
Moriah Leather thin round Leather Choke Collar--absolutely wonderful for daily use--will not harm or cut the coat, these are great for any long-coated dog--soft yet very durable, and available in many great colors.  They also make beautiful Leather Leads too.

Mendota British Slip Leads--soft cotton webbing, many colors, a convenient Collar/Lead Combination.

Steve Guitron--Custom Braiding, Kangaroo Leather Collars and Leads.  Beautiful, well-made custom work!  Treat your dog to something special!

Pet-Walker Plus--for Walking Two Dogs (your second Bergamasco, perhaps?)  The Leather/Nylon is kind on your hands and very durable.


Any once-a-month Topical Treatment, such as BioSpot, Fonrtline, Advantage, etc.


Yes, we use them and we recommend them!  When used properly as a training tool, they provide safety, security and a sense of well-being to both puppies and humans.  We recommend starting out with a regular Metal or Enclosed Plastic Crate without any of the plush liner pads (they get too hot with them), and later on, when your pup is past the teething months, we recommend having a very convenient Soft Crate on hand.  They are perfect for travel and visiting--Pet Edge catalog sells all sizes extremely reasonably, and theirs fold up to be next-to-nothing!  While our adult dogs stay unconfined in our home, we do have a crate available by our bed for anyone who wishes to 'get away from it all', and a two-way Dog Gate that we use primarily to deter Boris, our Scottie, from helping himself to the people food in the kitchen while we're gone.


Any easily-cleanable Elevated Bowls.  (You may have to start out feeding on the floor-level with your pups at first).  This is really helpful for your dog's digestion and proper spine alignment--not straining to eat at an improper level.


Yes, a full-coated Bergamasco's heavy wet flocks can present a hazardous situation in the  water.  And yes, they are good swimmers and many really love the water, but some Floatation Device is a necessary precaution to have on hand if you are boating, etc.  Believe it or not, it is difficult to find one whose closure methods DO NOT include velcro--a big coat NO-NO!  A Life Preserver which fastens with nylon straps and buckles is made by Aqua Dog.


We've found that Bergamascos really enjoy being included on family biking excursions.   With just a bit of training, they can go right alongside your bike with the help of a Springy-Metal Attachment to your bike (cushions any pulling by your dog so you don't fall over).  A great way to condition your dog, and excellent exercise for everyone!


Any Bolster, Cuddle-Up or Couch Bed.

Durabed--a Cot-Style Elevated Frame Bed.  The set-up was a quick two-person job.

Canine Cooler Pad--a doggie Waterbed--very good for cushioning joints when dogs seek out cool surfaces like tile, hard-wood floors, etc.  Bergamascos LOVE this bed year-round!  The medium size works well, and we usually spread a towel or sheet on top of it for protection.  Also, if your dog's bed does spring a leak, the company is wonderful about replacing it free of charge--and it does happen occasionally, with all the use this gets in our house.

Pooch Pads (or human bed Protector Pads)--washable floor, car and bed/couch absorbing mats.  Has an anti-microbial material in the fabric, and is very durable and portable.

Any Housetraining, Puppy, or Wee-Wee Pads--place by the door to transition the move to eliminating in the great outdoors.

Furniture-Moving Pads--excellent for the back seats of cars, vans, etc.  Thick, comfortable, washable and absorbent.

Absorbing Towels--These extremely absorbent Fiber Cloth Towels literally pull water out of dog's coat, or from any spillage or wetness--OR--to keep a dog damp and cool under the hot sun (not really recommended for Bergamascos, but helpful for your other dogs).  Washable and good for MANY uses.

Car Seat Protectors--nice quilted nylon (all-season comfort) with backing to keep from slipping around and very easy to put on.  Comes in both bucket and bench sizes, black or khaki or animal prints.


Some items to have on hand:

Any wider-toothed Comb, and a sturdy Pin Brush for puppy coats, and later for touch-ups around the mouth area.

Liquid Ear Cleaner product, used periodically to keep ears healthy (we have not had good success over a long term with the pre-made ear wipes).

Nail Trimmers, Clippers,  and Styptic Pads/Powder (for those oops/bleeding mishaps).
Dremel Nail Grinder--this is an excellent product, especially for dogs sensitive to nail clippers or with generally sensitive feet--this has turned our foot care regimen around, a real plus!

Small Scissors (safety tip is always good)--for trimming the hair between the pads of the feet and later, when flocks are falling onto the floor, especially around the foot areas so your dog can move about safely and unimpeded.  Finally, for very discreet trimming in areas where the dog's elimination makes or potentially will make the flocks or coat constantly wet or smelly.

Women's Hair Scrunchies, in soft, cotton fabric--for bunching up flocks away from eyes, and more importantly, from areas in the 'eliminating zone' on a full-coated Bergamasco, or after a bath until the coat is dry again.

Hands-On & Visual Inspection--for flock formation and maintenance, burr, twig, leaf and lint removal, tick inspection and the occasional matt removal, etc.  NOTHING takes the place of this hands-on grooming--and this type of grooming should be vastly preferred by your dog--such careful personal attention is loved and craved by these dogs.

Nature's Miracle, Febreeze, Petrotech Odor Eliminators and Odor Neutralizers/Absorbers/Cleaners.  We will even dilute for use directly on dog 'trouble areas', and when rinsing and bathing.  Odor Gone is a non-toxic, boidegradeable, environmentally responsible professional Odor Control Product, distributed by Dan Schnare, 413-478-0850.

Diluted White Vinegar--(yes, we've done too much and had the 'pickle effect') for use when rinsing after bathing.  This really gets rid of odor and stains and allows the water in the flocks to 'sheet off', for a faster-drying coat.  We highly recommend!

Any mild Dog Shampoo--for spot-bathing or occasional full baths.  Use VERY diluted and rinse and/or wring coat out thoroughly--we cannot stress this strongly enough!  Also, it is of the utmost importance to thoroughly air or blow dry or lay your full-coated dog on several towels after a 'full contact' water experience.  The dense flocks of hair, and even the skin itself, can get infected or moldy without prompt attention to proper drying time, not to mention a real 'wet-dog' odor.  We recommend a total head-to-toe wash for your adult Bergamasco only about 2-3 times a year.  It is important to realize that Bergamascos do not have an oily skin (no doggie odor) and therefore frequent washing strips the natural protective elements from the skin and coat.  A selective bathing only around the areas where your dog eliminates is highly advised, to be done on a much more frequent basis, and makes everyone much happier, man and best friend.

We also recommend some of the Dry Shampoos and Cleaning Powders available, especially those that can be left in the coat and not brushed out.  Great for quick cleanings, travel, etc.

We are still experimenting with Pet Showers, other Bathtub Products and Dryers--look for more info on these later.

Please check back soon for links to obtaining these recommended foods and products!