From The Archives...


Congratulations to our very own Behnina upon winning her 1st adult Reserve Best In Show at NAKC's Rhode Island Classic in March 2010 !  What a thrill to have brought our special girl into the world and to earn such lofty rewards--Thank you to Judge Marjorie Fish for bestowing this honor on us and on Nina !  What a great weekend it was, as on the Puppy Front, Esabella, (along with her proud parents), a beautiful pup from our recent litter, won TWO Herding Group One Ribbons in the Puppy Class, and went into TWO Puppy Best In Show lineups, only to be beaten by a nice little Coton de Tulear pup--Ah well. 
And these were her VERY FIRST conformation shows--WOW, we'll be seeing more of you to be sure, lovely Bella !


We would like to congratulate two wonderful D-Girls on their recent accomplishments in this new decade, 2010.

Herdabout Dahlia dell' Albera has passed her family obedience class training with flying colors, and is now em-"bark"-ing on her newest venture, HERDING training, at the end of February !  Oh, won't little Dolly be in her glory then--and she, of the whole D-litter, showed the most herding instincts of all the bunch--
we are sure she will have much acclaim in her new endeavor ! 

Herdabout Diva dell Albera (aka "Lola") now has the fabulous "CGC" letters to add to her name--in a recent news flash we have learned that she earned her Canine Good Citizenship Title--way to go, Lola!  Also, she is certain to be FAMOUS in very short order, as her professional photo will be prominently displayed in the store window on Lexington Ave. in NYC--
how exciting !  

Stay tuned for more details and photos soon--GO "D"-LITTER DOGS !



Aria dell' Albera Shaggy Acres has attained NAKC/Rarities' Top Award, the prestigious Hall of Fame Title !  Aria is the 1st female Bergamasco to achieve this honor, and the 1st female to earn her Master Supreme Championship as well !  2009 has been a fabulous year for our Aria !!


The month of June '09 has brought both our dogs here, and the Herdabout dogs and pups out in the world, many prestigious new titles and much success.  The happy family of the fabulous Contessa is proud to announce that Contessa has attained her UKC Championship in Enfield, CT!    Herdabout's beautiful Delphina has earned her 1st point towards her UKC Grand Championship title, and the wonderful families of the dark beauty, Dorotea (Dora), and Beretta, a very pretty littermate of our Nina, are eagerly earning points towards their dog's UKC Championships as well.  In addition, Dora is being led by the very talented Junior Handler, Sarah--way to go, both of you!  How great it was to see all of you and have a brief (and somewhat wet) visit!   Both Behnina and Metteo have easily earned their Canine Good Citizenship awards, and Dulcetta (GiGi) and Destino have both earned their UKC Grand Championship titles--this at the record-setting age of 14 months!  Also, Destino took three Best of Breed placements over three Grand Champions this month, earned his NAKC Championship, and had the honor of winning a Herding Group One ribbon under Judge Lois Sanford at the NAKC shows in Goshen, CT.  WOW!  Lastly, we wish to extend best wishes to Lola's (Diva) family, to dear Cosmo's family, and to Dolly's (Dahlia) family, too--we are thinking of you...and best wishes to ALL!