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The Bergamasco Sheepdog, an ancient northern Italian breed, was introduced to the United States about twenty years ago. This breed impressed me with its calm, stable temperament, its rugged good health and its uniquely beautiful, non-shedding coat.  Loyal, intelligent and agile, these wonderful dogs have won my heart and have led me to establish Herdabout Bergamasco Sheepdogs.   Herdabout  is committed to preserving  this versatile sheepdog through careful, selective breeding, developing its working instincts, and maintaining its noble character.  Currently my dogs are involved in sheep herding, agility, and in conformation events.  In addition, my dogs have earned their Canine Good Citizenship titles and have been top-placing, Multi-Champion Bergamascos in AKC, ARBA, UKC, NAKC/Rarities, NCA and IABCA, winning multiple Best in Shows from 2002 to the present.  Most recently my dogs have been registered with the Delta Society Pet Therapy Partners Program.  Many dogs have been featured in local and national media, including ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC-CT News, and very recently, appearing in the Herding Group at the National Dog Show, broadcast Thanksgiving Day, 2016.   A wonderful, heartwarming feature article about Fidelio is currently posted on the website, by Ranny Green.  I welcome you to contact me for information about the Bergamasco and for details on my home-raised puppies.

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The J Pups Have Arrived !! 

Much excitement here at the Herdabout household--Join me in welcoming seven adorable, healthy puppies, born  12/11/16--introducing the J PUPS !!  Born exactly one year from their full brothers' and sisters' birthdays--how amazing--they share December 11th with      
the I Litter  !!  Please see the above photos of the parents and check back often for weekly updates and plenty of puppy photos and videos !!  I am eager to hear from you and to share all the latest news from the whelping box--Your inquiries are always welcome !!

Fidelio's & Artemis' Pups Are Here !!

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