Announcing...Essa's Eleven...The 'F' Troop !

The 'F' Troop is here--Welcome 11 beautiful new babies,
born on Friday, March 26th, 2010 ! 
Our Essa and Metteo are the proud parents--
and what an adorable Troop they are !
Six Boys, Five Girls, Six Merles, Five Blacks. 

Multi CH BIS Metteo dell' Albera Slvr Pastori  
x  Multi CH BIS Tempeluddens Estetica

Now at 7 days old, two of the girls (of course, it WOULD be the girls ! ) are already attempting to walk by standing up on their hind legs and pulling their weight with their front ones--pretty determined, we'd say ! If we seem to favoring those amazing little girls, we must say we are especially pleased to have among the boys two merles--it's been quite a while since we had two merle males !  However, in the early hours of the start at Week One, one of the wavy-coated black boys got very chilly--out came the heating pads and lamps, the goat milk formula, and the all-night vigils to encourage his return to his former vigorous self.  It was touch-and-go for a couple of days, and boy, did he ever complain about his predicament, earning the name 'Mr. Forte', both for his strong will and his vocal capacity !  At present, he is rebounding with such courage...this little one is adopting Essa's dignified 'crossed-paw' lying style...just like Mom already, and he
has inherited his Dad's (and his Grand-Mom Nerea's) kinky hair ! 
Hang in there, Forte-boy !  Live Long and Prosper !  Enjoy the Baby Photos !

Almost 4 weeks old now!  Their little personalities are developing, along with coordination and a cuteness factor that is through the roof!  Mr. Forte is hanging in there, although he is still not 'Forte' quite yet...more of a 'Mezzo Forte'.   He is our 'Sauna Man'--he thrives and basks in the heat!  This big troop is being faithfully tended to by their adoring mother Essa, but they are also starting to eat (and play in!) their baby food and venture about on their own.  They are all amazing little beings--so interesting to watch the world take shape in their eyes!

Two professional photographers for Dog Fancy Magazine, Patricia and Robert Petit, visited our dogs and took many breathtaking photos of our 6-week-old Troop, and our adults, too, and even some group shots of all of us--what an honor, and how wonderful to meet this nice and talented couple!  Perhaps we will soon be able to see their work and photos both on our site and in a magazine or two.  In the meantime, please enjoy these 'homegrown' photos of our beautiful babies!