We Are Pleased To Welcome Our 'E' Puppies Into The World !  These big, beautiful and very healthy baby Bergamascos were born on Sunday, Nov. 15th and are now enjoying life by doing the best things that babies do--sleeping, nursing, yawning, cuddling...and sleeping some more. 
Mom is doing great, and humans are too.  Enjoy these photos!

Update at Two Weeks Old:  Eyes Open at 8 Days!  Add to the above list:  playing, yipping and exploring their expanding world.

Now 4 Weeks Old!  These little ones are growing fast!  Eating from a bowl, mostly with their mouths (with help from front feet and chins too), learning new games, teething, wagging, and making lots of eye contact.  Also, they are discovering our other dogs--for instance, meeting their daddy Metteo for the first time--and hanging out with us on our bed, too.  We attempted to create a classic 'basket photo' --hope you find the results as hilarious as we do!  What Joys!

How quickly the pups have reached 9 weeks of age!  Let the photos speak for themselves!

Father:  Multi CH BIS Metteo dell' Albera Slvr Pastori
Mother:  Multi CH BIS Aria dell' Albera Shaggy Acres
Birth:  November 15th, 2009
2 Boys, 2 Girls

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